Ecosystem Restoration Services

Ecosystem Restoration

Our Ecosystem Restoration team works on projects that rehabilitate or enhance ecosystems that have been damaged by human use or natural disturbances. We offer expertise in the analysis and rehabilitation of ecosystems in urban areas, parklands, and remote environments, including terrestrial, riparian and aquatic habitats. We have extensive experience in habitat restoration planting, landscape maintenance, fish habitat enhancement, forest service road maintenance, and pedestrian trail and bridge construction. 

We Offer

Ecosystem Restoration

Habitat restoration and enhancement
Native species planting 
Landscape maintenance
Fish habitat enhancement
Erosion and sediment control
Forest service road maintenance
Bank stabilization
Trail and pedestrian bridge construction
Invasive species management
Coarse woody debris management
Wildlife tree creation
Regulatory approvals and notifications 

Restoring Opportunity

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For every Ecosystem Restoration project, we maintain the highest environmental standards and prioritize long-term sustainability. Whenever possible, we supplement modern science with traditional ecological knowledge from the Tsleil-Waututh community to pursue social and cultural as well as environmental sustainability.