Tree & Vegetation Management

Inlailawatash's team of arborists, professional foresters and vegetation specialists bring unparalleled experience to tree care, while placing the highest value on vegetation health and aesthetics.  Moreover, we extend our comprehensive tree and vegetation management services to all settings, including urban and residential areas, parks and recreational locations, and within utility corridors.


Tree pruning
Establishing and maintaining view corridors
Trail design and development
Hazard tree assessment and mitigation
Wildlife management


Maintaining utility corridors and right-of-ways
Clearing and grubbing
Fuel hazard assessment and abatemen
Tree planting

Featured Projects

Buntzen Lake Recreation Area Hazard Tree and Fuel Load Management

Hazard trees are trees that pose an increased risk of falling on people or buildings due to age, rot, damage or lean, and should be removed before they fail. Over 500 hazard trees were identified in the Buntzen Lake Recreation Area using standards outlined by the International Society of Arboriculture. These trees were either fallen and removed, or reduced to a safe height of 20-30 feet to promote bird nesting, wildlife use and a healthier ecosystem. Numerous trees required special consideration because of their proximity to buildings, and their safe removal required a mobile crane or bucket truck. Additionally, we worked to mitigate fire hazards posed by the existing fuel load throughout the park. For this, we removed dead and dry debris, ladder fuels and medium height-trees that allow brush fires to jump to the canopy, and trees encroaching on buildings. Throughout the project we were falling trees in areas with high public usage and had to ensure public safety at all times.


Ravenwoods Clearing and Grubbing

Vegetation was cleared from approximately three acres of land for a new residential development on the Tsleil-Waututh Reserve in North Vancouver. Certified Fallers and Utility Arborists worked with excavator operators to clear trees and vegetation, including removal of stumps, roots and all debris.