South Shore Corridor (Port Metro Vancouver) Archaeological Overview Assessment (AOA) and Archaeological Impact Assessment (AIA)

Working with Port Metro Vancouver as part of the Gateway Project, Inlailawatash carried out a comprehensive Archaeological Overview Assessment (AOA) of lands in the immediate vicinity of the South Shore Corridor on the south shore of Burrard Inlet in Vancouver in 2011. The goal of this project was to estimate the likelihood of encountering unknown archaeological sites in the proposed project footprint. This goal was achieved through examining historical aerial photographs of the area, reviewing the provincial database of recorded archaeological sites in the area, reviewing a database of indigenous place names, comparing the project footprint with an Archaeological Potential Model, and on-the-ground assessment of landform age based on vegetation communities.

In the second and third stages of this project, Inlailawatash conducted two Archaeological Impact Assessments (AIA). The first aspect of the AIA involved examination of the geotechnical boreholes for signs of artifacts and/or cultural sediments. The second aspect of the AIA involved manual screening of considerable volumes of sediments that were displaced in the construction of an elevated roadway to determine whether or not an archaeological site was present here.