Mapping & Information Management

Mapping & Information Management

Inlailawatash has a strong reputation for mapping and information management. We provide a range of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) services, technical support, and analysis to both external and internal partners. While we serve a wide variety of clients, we understand—and have extensive experience meeting—the unique needs of aboriginal governments and organizations.

We Offer

Mapping Services

Cartography (cultural, thematic, and land use mapping) 

Bioregional and inventory atlases (biophysical and cultural data composition)

Use and occupancy mapping (basemaps, digitization, conversion, biography, category and hodgepodge maps)

Archaeology mapping support (AIAs, AOAs, archaeology potential modeling, least cost analysis)

Consultation mapping and analysis (referral integration, impact assessments)

Online mapping tools

Modeling and analysis

Data collection (research, digitization, direct-to-digital, field-based GPS surveys)

Optical and LiDAR drone mapping

Research and acquisition (historical maps, documents and air photos)

GIS training, assessment and strategy development

Mapping systems hardware and software setup

Data warehouse setup and maintenance

Map scanning, copying & printing

Services: Mapping: Newsletter

Mapping Newsletter

Our annual newsletter provides information about some of projects we’ve worked on and general updates about the latest developments in mapping.

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Services: Mapping: Essentials

Mapping Essentials

We have discovered and generated extensive information that we believe mappers working in aboriginal communities should be aware of—and take full advantage of. These resources include tools, and links to training, conferences and community forums.

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Restoring Opportunity

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GIS Mapping is more than a service. It provides an opportunity to build capacity within the organizations we work with—through access to training, resources and data—that empowers them to accurately survey and record their territory and achieve their long-term objectives.