Renewable Resource Services

We provide a range of high quality, cost-efficient professional forest, fisheries and clean energy management services. Our planning capability covers all aspects of the forest  and clean energy development processes. We are experts in coastal fisheries license management specializing in license access and leasing. 



Integrated forest management plans
Forest stewardship plans
Timber supply analysis/annual allowable cut calculations
Operational planning
Forest regeneration planning and programs

Woodlot and community forest management
Forest and ecosystem inventories
Resource road design, construction, maintenance and deactivation
Timber harvesting

Silviculture activities (including site preparation, planting, brushing and weeding, spacing, pruning, fertilization, pre-commercial thinning)
GIS/GPS mapping and report writing
Carbon sequestration and forest carbon offset programs


Allocation Transfer Program (ATP) Licence Management
Commercial Fishing Enterprise (CFE) Licence Management
CFE Business Planning and Development


Clean Energy

Feasibility Studies
Business Plans