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How drone technologies can support Indigenous land stewardship

July 3, 2020

Drone technologies have the potential to significantly support Indigenous land stewardship. These flying robots are being used around the world to collect high-resolution remote sensing data of lands and waters. The First Nations Technology Council is excited to announce the launch of their Drone Stewardship Program! This is the first program to offer training in the theory, set up and application of drones with a focus on how drones can be used in Indigenous communities.

The course will be co-taught by Inlailawatash's Pano Skrivanos. Pano’s great-grandmother is from Tia’amin Nation, and he has been working with Indigenous communities for many years as the Senior Business Manager of the GIS and Information Management Program at Inlailawatash Limited Partnership. He provides expertise to communities in the areas of land use planning, forestry, surveying, marine conservation, archaeology, wildlife habitat analysis, and forest carbon.

Pano recently spoke to the Technology Council about how drones can support Indigenous land stewardship and self-determination, as well as why he is excited to teach the Drone Stewardship Program.

You can read the interview on FNTC's website here:

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