Métis Nation BC Use and Occupancy Map Survey

MNBC_IndexMap_SmallInlailawatash was recently tasked with providing Métis Nation BC with GIS support for their province-wide 2014-2020 Use and Occupancy (UOM) Map Survey.

The first part of this project involved designing and creating comprehensive basemap coverage for the entire province of BC, the study area for this project. This large study area required the construction of 90 large-format basemaps at 1:250,000 scale. The other part of this project entailed digitizing the map survey data from the hard-copy basemaps and converting this into a digital UOM dataset. To do this the basemaps were scanned, georeferenced, and the UOM data digitized within a GIS. This rich dataset can then be used to construct beautiful map biographies, category and hodgepodge maps.

As Métis Nation BC’s UOM dataset map survey project continues to develop over the coming years this valuable information will be used to enhance the capacity to develop community-based education materials, resource management strategies, and negotiation positions.

“The team at Inlailawatash is tremendous to work with. We have been nothing but impressed by their well crafted products, and we are consistently complimented by our citizens, government, and industry on the quality of our maps. Their staff reliably go above and beyond the call to deliver our projects on time, on budget, and at a caliber that exceeds our expectations.”

~ Métis Nation BC