Lynn Creek Riparian Habitat Creation and Enhancement

Lynn Creek 004Inlailawatash carried out a riparian habitat restoration project at Lynn Creek, North Vancouver in 2010, working with Port Metro Vancouver to create 1,600 m2 of new stream-side habitat on the site of a former asphalt yard. The project was carried out on a design-build basis, with Inlailawatash taking full responsibility for design and construction based only on a reference concept and a set of performance criteria.

The riparian habitat design and build involved:

  • Laying 1,000 cubic yards of soil;
  • Removal of invasive vegetation, such as Himalayan blackberry;
  • Native riparian planting, including 1,364 trees and shrubs;
  • Placement of standing snags, boulders and nurse logs;
  • Bank stabilization;
  • In-stream fish habitat enhancements through substrate restoration and installation of in-stream woody debris and root wads.

The result is the creation of a diverse ecosystem that will benefit small mammals, birds, fish and a variety of other wildlife over the long term.

“Working closely with the DFO habitat biologist, Inlailawatash improved the planting design immensely. The plantings still serve for their primary purpose (fish habitat), but now also provide greatly improved diversity to make them excellent wildlife habitat as well.”
(Port Metro Vancouver Manager, Environmental Programs).