Ecosystem Restoration

The interplay between lands and natural resources and the people who live on and around them cannot be overstated. Each piece of information tells a part of the story of the lands and waters.  Our environmental services are based on extensive experience and draw upon the wealth of knowledge, both traditional and academic, of our team members, enabling us to provide a complete and holistic context for our work.


Our spectrum of environmental  services covers terrestrial, riparian and marine ecosystems and include strategic land use, bioregional and park management planning, ecosystem restoration, remediation and enhancement, marine stewardship and environmental monitoring.

Bioregional and natural resource planning
Strategic land use plans
Forest stewardship plans
Park management plans
Natural resource business plans
Bioregional inventory atlases, including GIS analyses and maps
Environmental, cultural and other value mapping and inventories

Terrestrial, riparian and aquatic ecosystem enhancements and restoration
Habitat restoration and enhancement
Native species planting programs and erosion control
Invasive species management
Design and bio-monitoring programs indicative of environmental health
Bio-engineering techniques
Biophysical inventories
Regulatory approvals and notifications


Featured Projects

Surrey Bend Regional Park Habitat Rehabilitation

Inlailawatash provided landscape planting and maintenance services, including procuring and planting over 38 000 trees and shrubs, removing invasive species, and placing coarse woody debris to recreate natural habitat structures. Additionally, this project included a five-year monitoring and maintenance plan involving invasive vegetation management, site maintenance, plant surveys, plant replacements, and annual reporting to client. You can watch a video about this habitat rehabilitation project here.


Low Level Road Landscape Planting

Inlailawatash provided landscape planting services and a multi-year maintenance plan for this project that helped establish the Spirit Trail bike and pedestrian path in North Vancouver. The project involved thorough landscape rehabilitation through planting over 40 000 native trees and shrubs, removing invasive species, and placing large woody debris and boulders. Moreover, the maintenance period included invasive vegetation management, plant surveys, plant replacements, and annual reporting to client.